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The Stand At Ease Children's Book Drive

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By D Bjorn - Posted on 09 April 2011

During our discussion with Sita Helms, executive director of The Helping Hands Worldwide organization, she mentioned that one of the things the kids at the various food shelves the organization services value are books.  "The kids go right past boxes of toys for the books." 

As someone who values books, I'd like to start the Stand At Ease Children's Book Drive and invite you to participate.  If you would like to join in on this:

1.  Find a book or two that for children (child to young adult)

2.  Send it to The Helping Hands Worldwide with a note that you heard the show on Stand At Ease and would like to donate the book(s) to them. Their mailing addres is:

The Helping Hand World Wide, LLC

PO Box 1296

San Juan Capistrano, Ca. 92693


Site also said that donations of toys, blankets, clothes, and gas money are also appreciated. 


For Stand at Ease -- D. B. Christian