Episode 18: Did you really wanna ask?

It’s amazing the trips our conversations take when we’re having them, and this show is one that went places we never expected – and we’re extremely happy that they did. We welcome Andrea Sandoval of the Graffiti of War project for a show that goes places we didn’t ask but aren’t afraid to tell. Andrea also has the honor of being our first female veteran – she was a Sergeant First Class in the Army after a 13 year hitch. A very powerful show if we say so ourselves.

Episode 17: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-PORT!

It’s been a year – 16 shows completed and 23,000 plus visitors to the website.  Today, we take a look back at the shows we’ve done and discuss the highlights of the year.  We also chatted about some of our plans for the next year – and we have some interesting ones at that! 

The guys at Stand at Ease are also extending an invitation to our listeners to become more active in our group.  Submit topics and ideas of how we can improve and how we can more people.  Also, if you’d like to become a participant, let us know.  We want to grow!

Episode 16: Supporting Our Troops

A constant question the Stand At Ease group asks is what does “Support the Troops” mean?  Is it that faded yellow made in China magnet you paid $1.99 at Wal Mart that makes you feel good about yourself, or is it something more?  In today’s discussion, Sita Helms, found member and executive director of Helping Hands Worldwide (http://thehelpinghandworldwide.org) shows us what it means to do just that and more.  Our o

Episode 15: Generations

It often happens where sons emulate their fathers – and this show is an example of this.  We welcome John “JJ” and Anthony “Rocco” De Primo, two men who are father and son as well as Brother Marines.  JJ served 13 years in the Corps starting in 1981, and Rocco is finishing a five year enlistment which began in 2006.  We discuss the journeys which lead them both to the Corps and what it means to be a Marine family.

Episode 14: Prison Blues

In this installment, we welcome Ray McCarty III, a former Army MP who served two tours of duty in Iraq.  His first tour was as a guard at a temporary prison near Baquba, Iraq, and his second was with a security attachment based in Kirkut.  Ray is currently a physical therapy student in Florida hoping to work with veterans when he’s done.  We discuss what it was like to be an MP, the differences in his mission, and the joys and difficulties he’s faced in the transition from soldier to student.

Episode 13: Kilroy Was Here

From every war and every conflict comes the need for cathartic expression – and from many warriors this takes the form of unconventional art – graffiti, body art, messages scribbled in marker on the shit house wall.  In this week’s episode, the founders of Graffiti of War  (http://www.graffitiofwar.com) join us to discuss their project and where they hope it’ll go in the future – including an upcoming trip this summer to Kuwait, Iraq, and possibly, Afghanistan.


Episode 12: The 50 Foot Perimeter

Today we speak with Dr. Gillford Doxcee, professor emeritus of history from Ohio University.  He is also a World War II veteran who was captured by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.  He spent the remainder of the war in various POW camps, most notably at Slaughter-House Five, made famous by Kurt Vonnegut.  As a history professor, he concentrated his studies in the Middles East.  We discuss both his experiences as a POW and then about the current events occurring in throughout the Middle East.

Episode 11 - It’s the Family Business

In this show, we have a discussion with Cindy McNamara, the wife and mother of a group of Army Aviators.  She discusses the joys and difficulties of being married into the Army for almost 40 years – both on active and reserve duty status.  Currently, Cindy’s husband and two of her three children are flying Apache helicopters in Iraq. 

Cindy brings a unique voice to the show – and we hope to hear more from her in the future.

Episode 10 - The DI Guys

Today we welcome Jack TF Pike to the show.  Jack is a Marine Grunt and Army Helicopter pilot veteran with 37 years of service to our country who now works with families of deployed soldiers.  We discuss everything from his service in Viet Nam, time on the drill field, changing over to the Army side, and his current mission.  One of the show highlights is his recount of celebrating the Marine Corps Birthday while serving in Bosnia as an Army Warrant Officer. 


Episode 9 – Gus Mcoy

We welcome Jack “Chewy” Mandaville, creator and author of the blog gusmcoy.com, where he writes about his experiences in the Marines.  We discuss Jack’s time in the Marines, his transition back into civilian life, and the creation of his blog.  Jack gives us a good insight into the life of a warrior who spent time in the Global War on Terrorism.