Episode 28: In the House

Play Episode 28 Episode 28: In the House: Mike Farrell — actor, activist, and Marine – an all-around fantastic individual joins us in this episode. After spending just shy of two years in the Corps, Mike went through many of the same experiences as many young veterans as he tried Read More

Episode 27: It’s been a long Hue home

Play Episode 27 Episode 27: It’s been a long Hue home: Eddie Neas joined the Marines on his 17th birthday in 1966 and was in Vietnam shortly after his 18th birthday. A few months after he arrived, he was meritoriously promoted to Corporal for his leadership in the battle of Read More

Episode 26 – Bands of Orange

Play Episode 26 Episode 26 – Bands of Orange: Every war has legacies. Some we talk about – others we try to bury. One legacy of the Vietnam war is the chemicals left behind – Agents Orange and White among them. Named for the band colors on the barrels that Read More

Episode 25: Getting Back Up

Play Episode 25 Episode 25: Getting Back Up: It’s estimated that there are 67,000 service members and veterans in the United States who are living with spinal injuries. In the United States, the number is upwards of 1.2 million people, and worldwide the number is just staggering. What was once Read More

Episode 24: Still in the Fight

Play Episode 24 Episode 24: Still in the Fight: Within each of us, there lies a talent, a creative spark that, when unleashed, can make a difference. Marine Lt. Col. Mike Corrado has just such a spark. Over the past 20 years, he’s released a musical can of whoop-ass on Read More

Episode 23: So ya wanna be in pictures?

Play Episode 23 Episode 23: So ya wanna be in pictures?: Hollywood (and all of the other movie centers in the world) has a nut for military stories. From movies such as All Quiet on the Western Front and Hell’s Angels to the new crop like The Green Zone and Read More

Episode 22: Draw your own conclusions

Play Episode 22 Episode 22: Draw your own conclusions: “Out of my 21 years in the Marines, I only “worked” for one year. The rest of the time, I followed my passion.” Gunnery Sergeant (ret.) Charles Wolff, “Gunny Wolf” to his fans, of SemperToons joins us in a free-wheeling conversation Read More

Episode 21: The Courage to Serve

Play Episode 21 Episode 21: The Courage to Serve: Agree with it or not, this past week saw the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. This law effectively caused an estimated 10% of our troops to live a double life, where they must hide a significant aspect of what identifies Read More

Episode 20: 9/11 Ten Years Later

Play Episode 20 Episode 20: 9/11 Ten Years Later: Where were you on 9/11? Jim was at a BMW dealership, Gar was in Morocco, David was on his way to work, and our guest Richard Rozzi, a Vietnam era Navy vet, was in divorce court. We all have our memories Read More

Episode 19: Network

Play Episode 19 Episode 19: Networks: Networking isn’t just one of those buzz words that gets tossed around in the business world – it’s something that benefits veterans as they leave the service. In this podcast, Afghani vet Lisa Ghylin of the Metropolitan State Veterans Network joins us to discuss Read More