Episode 8: I Want To Be An Airborne Ranger

Play Episode 8 Episode 8: We welcome Ted Harden back to the show. Ted was a guest back in May 2010, right before he left for Fort Benning for Army boot camp. He has graduated and is an Spc 4 11C (Specialist 4/E-4 Mortar Man) with the 82nd Airborne at Read More

Episode 7: The Warriors’ Brunch

Play Episode 7 Episode 7: In today’s episode, we welcome Peter Hartmayer, a Marine who served with Jim at Second Division Schools at Camp LeJeune. We discuss Veterans’ health issues, including cancer and PTSD treatments available through the VA. Another topic that came up is the importance of getting a Read More

Episode 6 – The Purple Heart

Play Episode 6 Episode 6: The Purple Heart – Jim discusses his trip to The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor. Jim met General Petraeus at the event and speaks of the honor it was to meet him. We also discuss what it means for the war in Afghanistan now Read More

Episode 5 – War Stories

Click here Episode 5: War Stories – Jim, Gar, and David discuss some of their “favorite” activities and experiences during boot camp and other parts of their tours while in the Marines. We also find out just how ‘fuzzy’ Jim’s memory is about certain events in our lives…(selective memory perhaps?) Read More

Episode 4 – Shipping Out

Play Episode 4 In this week’s podcast, Ted Harden discusses his decisions about enlisting in the Army. Ted’s leaving on Monday, May 17th for Fort Benning to start his journey in the military. Jim, Gar, and David give Ted some sound advice. We also have invited Ted back when he’s Read More

Episode 3 – Bringing it Home

Click here On this week’s show, we welcome a new contributor, Jeff Glessing (Ssgt, USMC, ‘95-‘07). Jeff did a few WestPacs with an LSB (Landing Support Battalion – the Red Patchers), then did two tours on embassy duty. Our theme for this show is ‘Coming Home,’ exploring some of the Read More

Episode 2: Everyone Has a Reason

Play Episode 2 In episode 2, we explore why the hosts served our country.  David and Jim discuss the similarities between how they enlisted, and David and Gar find out that one of the big reasons they joined the Marines was because the Army recruiters never called back.   We Read More

Episode 1 – Getting to Know Me

Listen to Episode 1 Episode 1 – Getting to know me: In the first episode of “Stand At Ease,” Jim, Gar, and David introduce themselves and how they came to know each other, discuss the mission of the show, and where their responsibilities lie. Keeping on track with that idea, Read More